Happy Father’s Day and Shocking Information

Daddies – You ARE so important in your little girls’ lives. Never forget that. Be a Daddy. We need you and we love you! You are also important in your son’s lives. You teach your little boys how to be Continue reading

Memories & Music Connecting the Generations

I sat in the 10th row center. By the second set, the Beachboys had everyone on their feet, stomping, hooting, hollering, singing, and passing the beachball around. Down a few rows to my left I could clearly see a fuzzy Continue reading

More Secrets to Getting Where you Want to Go

When we talked about Today is Some Day, I promised you 5 secrets to get where you want to go. Here are 4 and 5: Secret Four Listen to your echoes. Your brain gives you messages all day long. You’ve Continue reading

Today IS “Some Day”

Everyone has struggles. Life is process. Life is suffering. Life is untold joy and immeasurable agony… sometimes all tied up into one. You love your children enough to let them make choices, and you die a thousand deaths when they Continue reading

On Grief ~ Renewal ~ Resurrection

For two months I have slogged through life. Some days brighter than others. Still doing my job. Still able to “show up” on stage and be present for others. But my heart hasn’t been in it. I wouldn’t say I’ve Continue reading

Just One More…

We all did it. We all pulled ourselves up on the nearest piece of furniture and tried to walk. Some of us didn’t bother to crawl first. We got around by rolling. Wheeee! But, barring early childhood issues, the one Continue reading

The Trouble is in the Gap

We all have Gaps in our lives, and therein lies The Trouble. Some of the Gaps are between: Expectations and Reality Money we have and money we need Information we have and the Facts Intention and Action Ideas and Execution Continue reading

9 Safety Tips You Need

It’s crazy out there, and the world is nuttier by the day. So it’s time to haul out the reminders. This is an email I just wrote for some female friends, but guys, you might want to think about these Continue reading

Eric Chester on the Problem with Entitlement

We’re continuing our conversation with Eric Chester, CSP, an expert on the Millenial Generation and Reviving the Work Ethic. Beth: Why is it that younger workers are being described with the term ‘entitled?’ And why are having such a hard Continue reading

Reviving Work Ethic, Interview with Eric Chester

I caught up with Eric Chester on his new book, Reviving the Work Ethic. Beth: Eric, in your view, what’s wrong with work ethic in America? Eric: The decline of work ethic is not uniquely an American problem. It’s affecting Continue reading